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The beautiful, breezy weather we've been having for this past week has got me all fluttery. I've had a little more bounce in my step and my smile has been a bit bigger. I'm definitely a fall/winter person, but I have been getting more and more excited about the upcoming warm season. Maybe it's because I'm excited to trade out all of my cold weather clothes for the skirts and short sleeve tops that I have rolled up in my dresser drawers. I'm hoping that I will look at everything with fresh eyes and will be able to throw some "new" outfits together with no problem. I hope that they turn out looking like these great spring outfits:
I love dark wash denim, especially when it's paired with something peppy like bright yellow.
Navy and white/cream/khaki together is such a classic look. It's a combo that you can't go wrong with.

For this outfit to work properly, I think I need to be wherever this girl is (I'm thinking Greece) with my own basket full of flowers (Peonies, please).
Dresses are a MUST for spring and summer. There's nothing easier than slipping on a sun dress and a pair of flip flops and heading out the door. I just bought this dress in the floral pattern and in navy for two easy summer outfits. (I have some awesome yellow wedges to wear with the navy one. Can't wait!)
One last thing, April showers bring May flowers, so be prepared with some cute rain boots! And when it's not raining...you can plant flowers in them.
Until next week!

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