dinner's on me

i like to cook. a lot, actually. in general, i think the work put into a good meal is well worth the effort. 
but sometimes, after a long day, doesn't it just seem like a lot of work to peel, cut and cook everything and then clean it all up, too? while i'm often too tired to cook, i'm never, ever too tired to eat. that's why it's nice to have the cupboard and freezer stocked with cans of soup, kraft mac and cheese (i eat more of this than i care to admit), and some other quick meals that make eating simple.
i'm not much into frozen meals, just because of all the preservatives and sodium in them, however, i love kashi and have heard theirs are pretty delicious. as i mentioned here several months ago, kashi is super great and keeps their ingredients natural and healthy. and here's why i'm telling you all of this: kashi is giving away free frozen entrees! i love free things! i love kashi! get yours at http://www.kashi.com and then let me know which one you picked and what you thought of it! 

image via designspongeonline.com

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