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bouquet - pronounced "boo-kay", refers to the whole perfume of wine, resulting from various aromas.

usage examples:
1. although samantha paid a lot for the highly recommended wine, its bouquet did not impress her.
2. when tasting younger wines, it is common to use the word "aroma" to describe its scents, which refers to the smells derived from the grape variety. the term "bouquet" is reserved for more aged wines, and refers to smells from the fermentation process and chemical reactions among sugars, acids, and alcohols in the wine.
3. traditionally, pinot noir has a bouquet of black cherry, raspberry, or currant. 

image via community.livejournal.com/laceandflora  quoted text via "french for le snob: adding panache to your everyday conversations" by yvette reche, fall river press

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