alphabet buildings

while i tend to refer to anthropologie most often for decorating inspiration, i often find it elsewhere as well. one of my other favorites? ballard designs. they're kind of like a more grown-up, prim-and-proper version of anthro, but their rooms and furniture designs are still unique enough to keep me interested. today, while flipping though a catalog, these architectural alphabet prints caught my eye.

growing up with my brother, aaron, who aspired to be an architect from the time he could hold a pen and is now completing his masters in arch at rice, i've spent a great deal of time admiring buildings and homes for their architectural qualities, looking at my brother's school work and unique home magazines, and letting him teach me how to sound smart when talking about home styles and design. obviously as you can tell from reading my blog, interiors interest me, but i think a large part of what attracts us to a house or a space isn't as much the things put inside it, but the very nature of the space itself. we see the possibilities for interior design based on the possibilities that were already created by the architect.

upon further research, all of these plans are legitimate - created in 1773 by german architect johann david steingruber. the only letter missing is "j", as the german language pronounces "j" with a "y" sound. i find this ironic as the guy's name begins with "j", but perhaps it was spelled differently in the eighteenth century. anyway, these ballard glycee prints come at a pretty price - $59 per letter, but i thought they were lovely, unique and interesting and worth sharing on this february friday.

happy weekend!

images: 1.ballarddesigns 2 and 3.treehugger.com 

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