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if you don't already read her blog, my awesome friend blair is very pregnant (not that you can even tell in this photo from christmas). she still, however, is awesome. i'm particularly proud of her for the following:

1. she still wears heels in her eighth month.
2. she still wears insanely cute clothes in her eighth month.
3. she still goes to the gym almost every day.
4. she wants to go antiquing with me next weekend, which includes trekking through barns full of old furniture, farm equipment, and probably a lot of mice.
5. she has refused to buy in to the horrible epidemic of themed nurseries. no matching butterfly wallpaper border, crib set, and chair pad for this baby, thank goodness.
6. despite pregnancy hormones, she didn't (really) cry when her car was towed in charlotte a few months back. she even tried to talk the recovery fee down at the impound lot. sadly, it didn't work.
7. she refuses to waddle, which we both believe isn't necessary.
8. she hasn't complained about anything or used her pregnancy as an excuse. seriously. (unless you count trying to get a discount at the impound lot, which i would have tried too, so i don't.)
9. she is all about baby wise, and i love her for it.
10. she went to a class to learn about car seats. she's going to be an awesome mom.

now that she's finally blogged about our saturday crafting adventure a few weeks ago, i'm going to as well. in an effort to make baby j the cutest, trendiest baby girl around, blair, lindsey and i set to work with five of the tiniest onesies i've ever seen (i'm pretty sure my dolls' clothes growing up were bigger), lots of fabric scraps, some interfacing, and our best attempt at capturing all of etsy's creativity in my living room. i think we were all very pleased with the results...

while baby j will likely grow out of these in five minutes (it's possible she won't even wear them all), it was definitely worth the effort. i'm particularly fond of my bird, which doesn't photograph as cute as it looks in person.

i'm really, really glad that i'm not going to have something this small and needy to contend with in april, but i'm also really, really excited that i get to play with someone else's cute baby and then give her back when she starts crying/pooping/spitting up. it's a win-win situation if you ask me.

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Connie Rollins said...

Blair Jones has been so "poster perfect" with her pregnancy. This is all on her and her determination to live an active, healthy life. Preganancies like hers are not in the gene pool of our family. She is a very special bessing to me and all who know her. Hope you and I get to spend some time together soon. XO