now i know why i haven't yet gotten married. subconsciously, i was waiting for BHLDN - a new wedding brand in conjunction with anthropologie. i'm aware that this is somewhat old news at this point, but i'm still so excited i figured it was worth a post. the line isn't a part of anthropologie, but they're promoting it as "part of the anthro aesthetic" and the brand is trademarked by urban outfitters, inc., where anthro, free people and urban outfitters are also held. the site launches on valentine's day and you can bet that next monday i'll be waking up early and enjoying all the beautiful gowns, dresses, shoes, bags, intimates, hairpieces and jewelry before i even check my email. what's more, in may the site will include decorations, invitations, glasses, plates and more goodies. while i'm aware that i will likely be unable to afford any of it, i use antho as inspiration for a great deal of things, and i plan to allow it and BHLDN to substantially influence my future wedding as well. get excited. it's going to be awesome.

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