friday spring fever

this glorious weather has me so giddy. i have my windows open and am enjoying the breeze and hearing the kids at the elementary school across my street playing outside again. as much as i love fall and winter (and as much as i'm not looking forward to the summer),  i am really excited about spring. i miss wearing floaty dresses and sleeping without 16 layers on. spring's approach means yard sales and farmer's markets will again soon occupy my saturday morning agenda and that i can once again drive around with my sunroof open and drink coffee on the swing in my backyard. so, happy friday and enjoy some spring pretties...

images: 1.matchbookmag.tumblr 2.vintageandchicblog.com 3.etsy 4.vis.ualize.us 5.luckyandlovely.com 6.country living 7.missjordanlee.blogspot 8.emily nathan photography via cargocollective.com 9.weheartit

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Aaron Cote said...

Someone is missing a lot of birds.