this afternoon, i had a meeting at fabo cafe in charlotte (located on selwyn avenue). quite simply, it rocked. its full of fun local art (jewelry and furniture included) and has a lot of delicious pedestal stands full of fresh baked delicious-looking so-worth-every-calorie goodies (i abstained...this time). we met the owner, who was super friendly and informed us that every last thing in her shop (including the coffee) was made locally. which is really fabo-lous, if you ask me (see what i did there?). the set-up is fun and colorful and modern and apparently they have quite a lunch menu as well. judging from my sugar free vanilla iced latte, they know what they're doing. its a bit of a haul for me, but i hope to make it back again soon.

my meeting was pretty long, so i didn't have a chance to really take in the pieces, but i was particularly taken with the fun chairs scattered around the cafe. apparently, those particular chairs are not for sale, but ex-nascar driver (apparently she was cool waaay before danica) and designer shawna robinson, creator of happy chairs takes orders. they're unique and fun and range from really crazy to really elegant to really anthropologie-like. i'm a big fan of the sunflower one below, but i'd encourage you to check out her site to see the others!

images: 1.fabocafe.com 2.charlotte magazine 3.shawnarobinson.com

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Rebecca said...

I love Happy Chair!!!!!!!!!!!!
They had a display over at the Depot.