bi-cycle, bi-cycle!

i love bicycles, especially beach cruisers. they're so lovely and nostalgic. apparently i'm behind the curve here, but i had no idea that so many designers had couture beach cruisers. they are all so cute and most cost more than my car. i kind of feel like these are probably made for incredibly rich people who have no idea what to do with their disposable income?

the hermes cruiser, $4000

the gucci cruiser, $6365

and, last but not least, the chanel cruiser. apparently everything on this bicycle is top-of-the-line. the leather on the seat is made from brooks brothers and so on. all for the low price of $17,000. apparently there were only about 50 made and only about 20 available in the US. 

i could understand spending a few grand for a really quality road bike, but for a cute beach cruiser? something you're going to chain up outside at the market? yeah, right. personally, i would really love this one, which costs only $89.97 at wal-mart. in my opinion, it's actually cuter than the three above (but would be much cuter with a wicker basket on the front, which i would definitely add):

and, finally, i also kind of love this sunny yellow one, also from walmart, at $129 (although, again, i'd replace the basket):

assuming i find a job in dc in the near future, i'll probably actually be purchasing one of these.

images: 1.theneotraditionalist.com 2.hermes 3.gucci 4.chanel 5-6.walmart

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