c'est mardi gras!

when i was in high school, my favorite day in french class was mardi gras. we'd have a king cake and nutella and lace cookies and roquefort cheese (my favorite) and wear masks and beads and (attempt to) converse in french.
i don't really ever desire to join the crazies in new orleans, but i still enjoy celebrating the holiday in a little tamer fashion. i usually fast from a few things for lent (more on that later), so it's a fun little last binge before i say goodbye to sweets or facebook or whatever it is i decide to give up for forty days.
so, if you're in charlotte, i'd suggest a celebratory trip to amelie's (my favorite french bakery, which now has two locations), or (if you're feeling ambitious) attempt to make your own delicious king cake. or, you know, wear a mask and beads around if you feel that's appropriate. i'm house/dog/teenager sitting this week, so i'll be making shrimp creole and staying in. i'll try not to let it get too crazy.

image via lemonylace.tumblr

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