dress up

tomorrow night is the north carolina dance theatre's 40th anniversary gala, paris meets new york in the queen city. the event celebrates husband-and-wife artistic directors jean-pierre bonnefoux's and patricia mcbride's backgrounds: hers in new york, his in paris. they are both world renowned ballerinas and one of the lucky few included in the balanchine trust, an elite group of dancers and choreographers able to reproduce george balanchine's work. they are pictured above, dancing together in balanchine's theme and variations.

i'm pretty excited about the event - especially considering i had the opportunity to help with it this year. otherwise, you can bet with a $250/plate ticket, i wouldn't be there. the front of the knight theater is tented with a gorgeous, heated 5,000 square foot tent and the lobby has been transformed with amazing flowers and tables covered in damask and silk linens. setting up today was so exciting and i can't wait to see everything tomorrow with the final touches. the only problem? i don't want to wear any of my dresses. instead, i want to wear this one:

or, perhaps i could go a little less fancy and choose one of these two?

or maybe this one? kind of cool:

or perhaps a little less frumpy version of this one? i loved the idea of this marc bower design at the oscars, but it seemed ill-fitted. i'd like a tighter, more mermaid style version (see silhouette above). with no front slit. who thought that was a good idea?

unfortunately, i need to stop procrastinating and make do with what i already have...sigh...

images: 1.martha swope via ncdance.org 2.pinterest 3.-4.modcloth 5.asos 6.buzznet


Gray Sea said...

I agree with you about Melissa Leo! It was almost something fantastic, but just short... Too bad. What was your favorite oscar look?

chelsea said...

i loved all the neutral tulle-y ones: hilary swank, hailee steifeld, halle berry, mandy moore, michelle williams. i really loved mandy moore's out of the bunch as it was just really unique. and of course, i loved mila kunis' purple dress.

worst of the night? reese witherspoon. what the HECK?

your thoughts?