the joutfit: do or don't?

it's true, i'm still working on upholding my new year's resolutions. lately, i've been trying to wear my closet in an attempt to:
1. compensate for the fact that i can't afford to buy anything new (unless it's from the goodwill).
2. avoid falling in to a rut by wearing only certain clothes that i know work.
3. challenge myself and my creativity to wear things that make me happy without worrying about how others will respond.

i generally don't care too much what others think about what i wear. meaning, i care that they think i look mildly fashionable and clean and pulled-together, but if i wear something a little edgier than people in concord might be comfortable with, i'm okay with that. i like getting dressed. it's a fun challenge and i like to take risks sometimes. but here's the current issue: denim on denim. too much of a risk? or okay?

on the one hand, i fear i'll end up looking like this:

the canadian tuxedo, the joutfit. not a good look. not even on jt.

but, i also feel like the look can work, when done correctly:

(i'm going to go ahead and say this outfit on the far left does not work, but i like the other two.)

(i very much like this look on boys.)

and that outfit at the top of this post? i'm in love

i did some blog/stylist research and the consensus is this: mix up the denim washes and weights. the outfit i want to wear includes very dark skinny jeans, a blousy ivory tunic, and a marc jacobs light denim fitted blazer/jacket (which, i got at the goodwill for $4.99). that's probably, okay, right? thoughts? 

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Victoria said...

go for it! be risky. and i think it looks good!