thursday pretties

love this gorgeous, girly boudoir. i recently learned that there is such a thing as mirror paint and i'm curious if repurposing an old dresser to look like this is at all possible? 

this picture makes my heart swoon just a little.

i love this idea for a little herb/lavender garden and am now on the hunt for a crusty dresser on the side of the road on trash day.

i want to wear this everyday (those pants!). but maybe with a bright bag for spring.

i must be in to pink interiors today, but how pretty! i feel like this looks like a house i'd see in trendy houston. my next place will have a fireplace with a big mirror above it if i can help it.


little miss michelle said...

i love finding pretty pictures and pretty blogs! :) LOVE YOURS!

chelsea said...

thanks, michelle! :o)