lucky number 13

two weeks ago at parker + otis, i was browsing the extensive toyko milk collection and lusting over all of pretty packaging. by pure luck, i plucked number 13: song in d minor from their selection of over 50 unique scents. it was a fantastic choice, if i may say so. i liberally doused myself with the free tester and then spent the entire car ride home from durham sniffing my wrists and repeatedly telling sarah how fantastic i smelled. while it was actually rather reasonable (by perfume standards) at $36 for the bottle, i added it to the "things-i-must-buy-once-i-find-a-job" list and went home to my tried-and-true, mr. jacobs.

i was first introduced to the toyko milk brand last year at anthro where i somehow scored a $24 butterfly kisses kissing kit (sweetly packaged lipstick and mints) in the sale section for $0.50 because the mints were missing. (not sure how that happened, actually. i didn't ask questions, i just ran to the register. when i asked for a bag, the cashier rolled her eyes at me. yes, i would still like a bag for my $0.50 purchase, thankyouverymuch.) since then, i've just about used up the lipstick - a natural pink that is the perfect balance of color and shine - and basically become obsessed with nearly everything else in the line. it's just all so pretty and delicious.

(bottle front)

on thursday, lindsey and i took a little trip to shelby to visit a very-pregnant blair once more before baby time and take care of some lindsey lee photography business. after lunch, we stopped in at a local gift shop's 75% off moving sale. while i was browsing shelves of tacky christmas ornaments and traditionally southern boutique gifts, blair happened upon a small shelf of toyko milk items and by some wonderful twist of fate, the only fragrance they had left was my number 13. and the price? 75% off the already 50% off markdown. meaning, i bought two bottles for $4.50 each. markdowns are my favorite kind of math. i was so excited i could barely form complete sentences. since then, i've worn it almost 24-7, and i've even been spritzing myself before bed just because i love it so much and who doesn't want to go to bed smelling fantastic? i would tell you to get yourself to victoria stephen in shelby and pick some up, but blair and i bought them out. so i guess basically, i'm just gloating. and inviting you to join me as i continue rejoicing in my fantastic deal. i wouldn't want to smell great and leave you out, after all.

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