if i call you darling, will you make me pancakes?

holy cow. how am i just now finding out that today is national pancake day!? considering pancakes are my second-favorite food, you'd think i'd know about these things. i love pancakes at all hours of the day with all toppings, in all shapes and varieties. i've even given them another entire blog post of their own before. someday (a very long time from now), i will make them for my kids on saturday morning. but for now, i will just practice making them for myself.

in celebration of national pancake day, ihop is giving a free short stack to all customers. i don' know about you, but my tuesday just got better. their giveaway benefits the children's miracle network, so be prepared to give a donation in exchange for your free flapjacks, but i think that's a pretty reasonable exchange. excuse me while i go change in to my stretchy pants.

image via thecitysisters

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