parker + otis

as mentioned earlier this week, brunch at parker + otis last sunday in durham was amazing. i love brunch because it basically gives me an excuse to drink mimosas and eat bacon - two of my favorite things. do you know two of my other favorite things? shopping and eating. parker + otis is three parts restaurant, wine cellar and coffee shop and one part awesome shopping experience. seriously. it's like combining dean and deluca and the sweetest (but most extensive) gift shop you can think of. they have le creuset, meyers clean day products, more cookbooks than borders, every type of awesome candle you can imagine, toyko milk (one of my favorite cosmetic/fragrance lines), tocca and zillions of the most amazing and unique gifts and i-didn't-know-this-existed-but-now-i-can't-live-without-it items. 

we started with food. no mimosas this time, but the oversized cheese biscuits and raspberry peach scone (mine!) made up for it.

cool tea + gorgeous tin = awesome gift

yes, that's all chocolate. please note the bacon chocolate bars on the top shelf. think bacon and chocolate are a weird combination? think again. i had one taste and haven't stopped thinking about that bar for days. 

did you see this bag before? i didn't. now there's a bird. it's flying, it's free! 
(watch the video. it's really funny.)

shopper's paradise.

the case of delicious things and local cheeses was awesome. so were the brightly colored paper mache animals. i was pretty taken with them...

 ...especially this guy. whom i would like to hang in my living room.

 table for three.

the wine cellar. with wine glass chandeliers. very cool.

aaaannndddd more chocolate.

if you're ever in durham, i highly suggest you stop by for a meal, a snack, or just shopping. or, if you're really hungry for the best black bean burger i've ever had, hop across the street to alivia's. who knew blue devil city could be so cool? chapel hill is going to need to step it up.

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