weekend recap

quite simply, this weekend was fabulous. sarah and lacey are my two very best college friends and although we haven't lived in the same place since sophomore year, we've managed to stay close. our every-few-months weekends together are always so much fun and this weekend was no exception. friday night we all met in southern pines (one of my favorite nc destinations) for a little small-town fun with lacey's family. we had strawberry margarita happy hour, looked at all 842 of sarah's fantastic wedding photos and went to the movies. in case you're wondering, red riding hood is not worth your $9.50. or really any amount of money. i blame lacey. 

saturday morning, we woke up early and went yard sale-ing with lacey's mom laurie (above) and her stepdad dale. they are the best professional yard-salers i've ever met. they leave the house every saturday morning with a typed list of each local sale, a gps, and an empty trunk. thanks to their expertise, i scored a pair of perfectly-fitting seven jeans for $2, a gap dress (with the tags still attached) for $0.50, and a gap green linen scarf and some books for $1. i also received free mcdonald's fruit and maple oatmeal courtesy of dale and laurie's coupon stash, and if you haven't tried it, it's delicious. they sent me home with more coupons, and i'm psyched. 

then the three of us headed to southern pines for coffee at swank and some downtown shopping...

...and i bought these amazing (and so impractical) $74 shoes on sale for $18.50 because i loved them so much and sarah and lacey talked me in to it. (again, i blame them.)

after shopping, we headed to raleigh and on saturday night after church, we celebrated lacey's birthday at mez. we all ate waaaay too many spicy tacos and spent the rest of the evening in our pj's on lacey's couch. 

on sunday, we dragged our sleepy selves to parker + otis in durham for the most delicious brunch i've had in a while. i liked it so much, in fact, that it will receive its own post later this week.

and then sarah and i hit the road for charlotte. (yes, that's the same shirt i wore on friday. i packed a little too quickly.) i know to some, our weekends might seem a little lame, but the beauty of being with these ladies is that we don't really need to do anything to enjoy our time together. i'm already looking forward to our next weekend! 

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