blackboards and breakfast

so remember that time i mentioned i was working on some chalkboards for an event? well, the event was this weekend, and the chalkboards turned out quite nicely! about a month ago, my friend luke at dean and deluca approached me about handling some of the details of an upcoming event, the big brew ha, at the mint museum uptown. the event celebrated all things brewed (coffee, tea, beer) and featured a magnificent spread of breakfast food by five amazing local vendors including dean and deluca, the flying biscuit, and amelie's french bakery. oh hey, delicious. i handled decor and some vendor relations for the day and it was exceptionally fun running around the mint with an all-access pass. i enjoyed it a bit too much, probably. we went with a "pub" theme for the evening, and the chalkboards were used to identify each vendor table. the event raised funds to preserve st. peter's catholic church - the oldest known ediface located on tryon street and turned out to be quite a success - i'm fairly certain we exceeded our fundraising goal. it was a wonderful way to spend a friday evening!

i didn't get quite as many photos as i initially planned while working on these boards, but i basically bought 24" x 24" squares of plywood at lowe's for about $3 each and started by hitting them each with two coats of chalkboard paint. quick and simple.

i then picked out the cheapest but most interesting molding i could find (also just under $3/piece). i used my dad's hand saw and miter box to cut the edges in to a frame for each board. this was much easier said then done. 

then, i painted the frames with an awesome rust-oleum hammered silver paint (loved it) and used a strong wood glue to affix the frame to the chalkboard. again, the wood glue was a little messy and difficult, but i got the hang of it by about the third chalkboard. you'll need some clamps and some patience, but it worked out. i also used chalk to "season" the boards. apparently, if you don't rub the entire board with the side of a piece of chalk, whatever is written on it the first time will essentially be "burned" in to the board. who knew? 

and, because i'm sure you're wondering, a few photos from the event...

setting up for the event. for the record, the 5th floor event space at the mint uptown is incredible. i highly recommend it. there's also an huge terrace that overlooks tryon street... 

beautiful st. peter's catholic church! how appropriate that the event overlooked the very building we were trying to preserve. 

with my friends and fellow big brew-ha committee members, hannah and elisabeth. for more exciting event photos, head over and check out pop rock photography's beautiful images and flying bee's action shots!

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