the elephant in the room

i'm on a bit of an elephant kick lately. i've always liked them, but lately i've seen them popping up in decor and i've become somewhat smitten. i also spent the weekend reading this month's book club pick, water for elephants by sara gruen, and while i think circuses/the zoo are both kind of icky, i pretty much fell in love with rosie the elephant in the story. someday i would like to go to south africa and meet one. in the meantime, these will have to do:

again, i'm obsessing over animal busts. this anthro one is made from newsprint and i want it.

it's an elephantable.

this would be cute on a little person, but i would also totally love to wear it as an adult. 

a painting of an elephant, by an elephant named phaya in thailand. for more info on purchasing elephant art and benefitting the thai elephant sanctuary, click here

i'm seriously considering buying this encaustic collage for my cluster wall in my room.

i love this sweet little ring from urban.

and, while it's not painted by an elephant, i pretty much love this cool painting as well. 

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