baby love

i have a new best friend. her name is elliot and she's probably the tiniest person i've ever seen. she makes lots of sweet little faces and sounds, smells wonderful and has a very pretty mama. she is already more popular than most people i know and i can't help thinking this baby has a bright future ahead of her with so many wonderful friends and family and two incredible parents who will raise her to walk with the lord. she's healthy and wonderful and i'm really excited to watch her grow. given that i'm a bit bored these days, i've been crafting up some fun things to welcome baby elliot to the world and to make her as stylish and cool as a two-week-old can manage.

i decided a stuffed elephant would be a fun present. i got a pattern and then preceded to not follow some of the instructions...

the finished product! i wasn't really up for making an eye, and i really wanted different fabrics, so i went for it. i wasn't as pleased with the result as i'd hoped...the pattern was much more difficult than expected, but hopefully baby elliot won't mind.

i made this long before i knew baby's name would be elliot, but i think an elephant for elliot has a nice ring. 

remember the time blair and lindsey and i made onesies? it was so much fun, i made another one. with daisies. this little project cost a total of $2.

and, finally, i even made a card for baby elliot with a fun quote from a classic weepies song.

i'm rather smitten with this lovely little girl and really excited for all the girly fun baby elliot and i are going to have in the future!


Blair said...

i love her. i love you. i love the elephant. i love the onesie.
elliot is so lucky to have an aunt chelsea!!

Rachel at The Inspired House.org said...

How sweeeeeet! That elephant is so darn cute too. You need a tutorial! I wanna make one now!

xo Rach @ www.theinspiredhouse.org

Rachel at The Inspired House.org said...

Way too cute!! I need a tutorial on the elephant, how brilliant!

xo Rach @ www.theinspiredhouse.org