lovely day

today was a great day and i'm still awake enjoying it. i got to snuggle baby elliot (!!!), eat seriously great food in good company, shop at the goodwill and enjoy the gorgeous weather with a little roadtrip and a sun dress and sandals.

i've got a lot of fun posts in the que, but most of the photos for said posts are still on my camera and i've yet to make a big upload. so in the meantime, here are some things that are making me happy lately...

you know how some shampoos smell great in the shower but the smell is gone as soon as you turn off the water? not this stuff. i can't say it's done anything for my hair's overall texture, but it is the single best smelling shampoo on the planet. it's like a little tropical vacation that lasts and lasts. my hair still smells awesome after blow-drying and styling. that, and it's paraben/sulfate free. and, if you're not in to coconut, organix also has about a zillion other awesome-smelling varieties. and you can buy it everywhere. excellent.

i'm a big believer in pretty pj's. as i learned quickly from dorm life in college, you never know when the fire alarm or some other ridiculous emergency may drive you outside in the middle of the night. it's important to be prepared for those times, plus it's just plain fun to have pretty, girly things to wear at night. it makes me feel like a movie star in the 40's.  i've slowly remade my sleep wardrobe from t-shirts and soffee shorts (ah, college) in to sweeter, anthro-inspired sleepwear. target just introduced a new gilligan by gilligan & o'malley line and i love it all. it's just gorgeous and all under $20. i'm especially wishing for this little sleep set above and the similar romper. adorable. 

if you're one of those poor people who thinks you don't like chai lattes because you've only ever tried starbucks' horrible version, then think again. i don't like a lot of chai, but this stuff is like heaven in a cup. seriously. today i drank a giant iced version in about 10 minutes which probably explains my insomnia. i began drinking it in college and have been thrilled to discover that dilworth coffee also serves it. it's one of those things that pretty much always makes me happier. 

i had my first experience using chalkboard paint this evening and will be posting about my adventure soon. and i can't stop thinking about all of the wonderful possibilities this paint offers. it's so easy and fun and i'm very thankful someone had this idea. 

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