clover home tour, house #1

two weeks ago my friend sarah and her mom invited me to join them for the clover, sc home tour. i've been on home tours before in concord, and i always get really excited about the prospect of invading people's living spaces and stealing ideas, but quite often i've been disappointed. turns out, owning a big beautiful home does not mean the owner has great decorating style. this tour, however, was quite awesome. it only featured three homes, and they were all beautiful. i'll be featuring my two favorites, starting with this lovely home. from the outside, it was just brick and unassuming, but inside it was so sweet and cozy. i can't say that the decorating was really my taste - a little too primitive/country/americana for me, but i can still appreciate creativity and style, and this home had tons of it. enjoy these snapshots and check back tomorrow for my absolute favorite house - a gorgeous english tudor!

the most adorable piece of children's artwork i've ever seen.

i love this idea for a summer fireplace!

the fantastic screened-in porch...

my mom loves quilts. we often find them heavily discounted at thrift/antique stores when they're essentially falling apart but never know how to use them. i like this quick, cheap and easy way to salvage cool pieces/squares.

this was a particularly excellent photo cluster wall on the stairs. i hope to have one similar (but less uniform) in my house someday with lots of old family photos. 

the sweet, sweet guest bedroom. 

my favorite part of this house was all the vintage chandeliers and light fixtures in each room. they were exquisite. this one, in the guest bedroom, was my absolute favorite. i took about four photos of it but don't worry, i'll only bore you with one. 

a fun way to display pretty linens and doilies, if you're into that.

tin ceilings are amazing. 

again with the awesome animal heads. i've been raving about them here and here. i really really want a cool brightly colored one. i'm not usually into wicker, but i think i could probably be excited about a wicker bull or moose. in fact, every home on this tour had some fun form of mounted animal head. i'm thinking i need to get on board with this trend stat.

see you tomorrow!

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