young at heart

today for lunch i had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and chocolate milk. (actually, it was chocolate protein powder mixed with milk, but it tastes like chocolate milk.) it kind of made me miss being a kid. it was kind of awesome. in fact, there are a number of things i miss about being a kid...

i really miss barbie. she still lives in my parent's attic with her minivan, motor home, horse stable, and her entire wardrobe because i can't bear to let her go. i think barbie kind of looks like she had a botox accident these days, but in the early 90's she was pretty fantastic.

the last time i had a fish stick i was probably 11. i used to love them dipped in catalina dressing. my parents (thank goodness) were pretty careful about what we ate, so they were a rare occasion but a special one.

i used to have a strange crush on bob saget. while most normal kids my age were watching him on full house, i thought watching america's funniest home videos when he was the host was the greatest.

i wish i still got as excited about my birthday (and every other holiday) as i used to when i was young.

oh, how i loved lisa frank. she made back to school so much more exciting. 

and finally, my sweet puppy, tara.

oh, childhood.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, I miss our sweet little Tara too. I love this picture - she was the best!