clover home tour, house #2

i got extremely excited when sarah's mom pulled up in front of the third and final home on the tour. i don't know that i've ever met a tudor home i didn't like and this one was idyllic. you know how there are always those houses you drive past and think, "wow, i really wish i could see inside that house?" this was one of those houses. and we did get to go inside, for once. surprisingly, i took less photos of this home even though it was my favorite (i'm not sure photos were allowed and the volunteer lady working at the front door kept following us around), especially since we weren't actually able to tour upstairs (lame), but hopefully you can get the gist of this cozy english countryside-style manor.

the grounds were extraordinary. can you imagine walking out of your bedroom to this? i can. and i like it.

these vintage bird prints looked amazing in these shabby chic mirrored frames. i wanted to steal them off the wall.

loving this wallpaper.

and while we're at it, this wallpaper and this mirror in the dining room. gorgeous. 

the sunroom. ikat pillows don't look like they would work in my house, but i love them. 

this antique chair was upholstered in the coolest fabric in the greatest shade of green. i don't think my camera really captured it. it was awesome. 

oh, hey, look! another cool mounted animal head. in brass. fancy. 

i'm not really in to roosters, but i'm definitely in to the mirror and the lamps. 

directly behind this little detached greenhouse, the yard sloped down to this gorgeous pond.

there was also an excellent around-the-tree bench in the backyard. sarah and i felt the need to sit on it. and yes, i'm wearing the joutfit. i decided to go for it. 

sarah and her lovely mom. thanks for the invite, ladies!

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