princess dresses

i know it's been a full week since i've blogged, but i've very much enjoyed a "spring break" this week, some of it in houston with aaron and gracie, and some of it here in concord at my house with a good book. and, of course, i spent yesterday like many of you, captivated by the royal wedding.

that said, i would very much like to be a princess when i grow up. i believe prince andrea of monaco is still available. i speak halfway decent french. i would love to marry in to the same family as grace kelly - i think it could work. anyway, i thought the wedding was certainly beautiful and of course, kate looked amazing. but you know who took the cake for me? her little sis, phillipa (pippa). her dress (also by sarah burton for alexander mcqueen) was absolutely, positively stunning. and if my wedding dress looked like this someday, that would be okay with me.

images: 1.vogue 2.glamour 3.royalwedding.aol


Anonymous said...

How do you feel about white on bridesmaids? I'm kinda in love with it!

chelsea said...

i feel excellent. if i got married tomorrow, i'd do all ivory bridal party (men in gray or tan) and a completely ivory/white palette.