couch potato

my most recent favorite dinner obsession. it requires minimal effort, includes no white flour/sugar (which i've been working extremely hard to avoid lately) and is full of good-for-youness. i'd also like to point out that something about the angle of this shot makes both my salad and potato look abnormally giant, which they weren't.

- baked potato (bake on high in the microwave for 6-7 minutes - so easy!) with a sprinkle of cheeese and a dollop of sour cream
- sliced mushrooms sauteed with 2-3 tablespoons of butter, 2-3 cloves of fresh garlic and 1/3 cup soy sauce (although i don't actually measure anything here, i'm assuming those are reasonably accurate proportions.) these are amazing on/with the potato.
- spinach salad with strawberries, goat cheese, sliced almonds and homemade balsamic vinaigrette
- lime la croix, of course. i'm addicted to these.

i'm one of those people that gets in a food rut, eats the same thing for a couple of weeks, and then gets distracted by something else delicious. so far, this meal is keeping me happy. cooking for one isn't quite as simple as i thought it would be, but this is a fairly inexpensive and easy thing to keep around. oh, and eating it on the couch while watching sexy brian williams on the evening news makes it even more delicious. just saying.

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