i broke a record this weekend. i'm not sure this is information i need to be sharing with the general public or not (you're intrigued now, no?) but i'm actually strangely proud of my lazy accomplishment. until this evening (monday) after the gym, i hadn't washed my hair since thursday. thursday. that's like four solid days of not having to wash/dry/straighten my hair. i doubt that's happened since ever. i'd like to thank the two things that helped make it possible:

tresemme fresh start dry shampoo. this is my first can of dry shampoo ever and while i'm not so crazy about this particular brand's smell (like really strong hairspray. ew.), i'm thrilled at the possibilities that this little $3.89 aerosol can has given me. i'll probably be trying a different brand next time, but it still works well enough to finish the can.

teasing. i've always been afraid teasing my hair would damage it, but i asked a girl (with a fantastic non-bump-it bump) from the amazing escape hair and skin studio in charlotte a few months back, and she informed me when done carefully, it's not horrible. besides, washing your hair every day is damaging, too, so i'm assuming if it can save me from that, it's okay. it works wonders when creating the aforementioned bun, but also helps make my flat, dirty hair look fuller and lovelier.

in all honesty, my hair when i woke up today was a bit questionable. i did spend all of friday night outside, saturday morning with it stuffed in a baseball cap, and sunday cleaning like a crazy woman, but nonetheless, with a little shampoo spray and a lot of teasing i managed to produce a messy bun with which i was actually pretty happy. plus, my hair was so textured even an hour of zumba class tonight didn't knock it out of place. that's pretty exceptional. unfortunately, any time i decide to exercise (or spend more than an hour in 90-degree temps) i'll be forced to shampoo. (if you're one of those people that can avoid it after a workout, i hate you.) i usually don't workout too much on the weekends, though, so i'm hoping i can keep this up. don't worry, i'll wash my hair for the important things like job interviews or dates (not that i've had either of those lately...), but i'm pretty psyched that i can save myself some valuable hours from the blow dryer. what's the longest you've ever gone without washing your hair?

**p.s. i feel compelled to emphasize that i did shower between thursday and monday, just sans shampoo.**

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Blair said...

get 'em girl! this is why we're friends. we're starting the dry-shampoo only revolution!