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while reviewing and reorganizing quite a few files on my computer tonight (it was hard to see my desktop image anymore) i came across a website i'd bookmarked a while back. to be honest, i can't remember where in the world i found it, but i'm glad i took the time to click through.

spool no. 72 clothing company is like anthropologie but cheaper, more original, and with a cool little mix of vintage merchandise. it's run by a mother and daughter team in washington state and seeks to capture the beauty of rural life. now, let's be clear, i'm not really into rural living. i feel that it's important to have a target and acceptable happy hour venue options within 15-20 minutes. i love high heels and the bustle of uptown charlotte at 5:00 each evening. i prefer a man in a suit to one in carhartts. i do, however, get very excited about farmers markets, cows and goats, driving in the country, cowboy boots, general stores and barns full of chippy antiques, so i can appreciate the lifestyle. i like a little mix of both urban and rural in my life.

so whether you're a country mouse or a city mouse, i think you can get excited about spool's fun selection. here are a few of my current favorites...

mixing bowl ring $18
i am ridiculously head over heels in love with this. if i currently had a job, i would have already ordered it.

sewing basket blouse $38
oh my goodness, this is so unique and feminine. and i think it would look cool layered up during cooler weather, too.

vintage clutch $34
sadly, this little baby just sold, but i love it so much

farrier dress $52
so cute. and machine washable. my kind of dress.

mason earrings $22
pretty pretty pretty

windowpane blouse $36
love this color

milk glass bowls $48
a little pricey, but also a little awesome

spruce sweater bracelet $22.95 (on sale!)
seriously how cool is this? i love the colors and the combo of hardware and soft knits.

all shots of spool's lovely merchandise are taken onsite by creative leader and co-owner tara ehlis. (what a pretty name.) and - bonus! - they have a blog.
and want an even bigger bonus? hop on over to the blog for a $10 off coupon, good through may 30th. get shopping. i'll take any of the items above, thanks.

images via tara ehlis for spool no. 72 clothing company

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