yard sale madness

saturday's community yard sale in baxter village was so. much. fun. i love yard sales because you find tons of treasures you never knew you absolutely, positively needed. and, nine times out of ten, they're actually affordable. saturday was no different. we spent most of the morning braving the raindrops (which, besides a light sprinkle, held off until we were finished) and scoring all kinds of good deals. we then refueled with burgers and fried pickles at big daddy's burger bar for lunch (which, if you live in charlotte and haven't been, you need to visit stat). enjoy a few pictures and a recap of our finds from the day...

fueling up!

sarah's fabulous yellow table with drawer. $5

my new boyfriend. $25. except i'm pretty sure i shouldn't have to pay for a boyfriend. he's kind of scrawny anyway. and it might be nice to date a guy with a head. 

mom and libby showing off their goods.

  next year we're going to need a bigger car, i think.

and since i'm sure you're dying to know, here are my fabulous finds:

washington, dc photography book $0.25
3 5x7 craft/paint canvases $1
coral bead necklace $0.50
mother of pearl bracelet $0.50
banana republic 100% silk scarf (tags still attached!) $1

my favorite find: my new summer reading list. i scored all of these for $1. total. at one of the houses, this lady had a ton of books and let us fill a copy paper box for $2. libby and i split it and i am so excited about all of these babies, especially the entire chronicles of narnia collection in one volume. reading that series was going to be on my summer "to-read" list anyway, and it just got way simpler. 

fabric remnants for crafts? totally free. that's right.

jcrew tunic blouse $3. i'm so psyched about this one. i'll be wearing it to death. starting today, actually.

cute swimsuit cover-up $1

liam was also very excited about my treasures.
my total? $8.25. knowing that i scored all of this for less than $10 makes me so happy i can't even tell you. 
mom did well, too. here are her goodies:

banana republic cardigan with crystal buttons $3
talbots black and white dress $2
sailor front wide-leg stretch jeans $1
ann taylor silk blouse $1
ann taylor loft white cotton blouse $1
merona kelly green blouse $2

antique pink decanter and matching glass $0.75

white wooden lamp and shade $1

 very vintage full size quilt $1
(unfortunately this kind of fell apart when mom washed it, but i think it will still be cute on the front porch. definitely still worth $1.)

mom's total? $12.75. i'm pretty sure each article of clothing she purchased would have costs at least three times that new. and this is why i love yard sales.

our next big yard sale outing will be in pinehurst in august for the giant fair barn extravaganza where we will join some of my other favorite saturday morning companions, laurie and dale. until then, i'll be saving my pennies and making extra room in my house for these new treasures and most likely the many more to come!

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Loved it! A perfect Saturday!!