happy (memorial day) weekend!

happy friday and happy memorial day weekend! i know for those of us here, it's an enjoyable three-day weekend to spend grilling out and celebrating the unofficial arrival of summer time (ew, summer).

but i also love what memorial day represents - a day to honor the men and women who sacrifice themselves for our safety. while there are about ten million reasons why i would not make a good member of any branch of the military, the primary fact remains that i can't comprehend putting myself in potential danger for the sake of millions of people i don't even know.  regardless of your political leanings concerning our country's defense agenda, our service men and women remain some of our bravest, most unselfish citizens and i am thankful for them.

want to do something to make a difference? become a soldier's angel and care for a deployed soldier who doesn't have a great support system on american soil. i can't say that i've made the commitment (yet), but my friend lacey has, and she says it's awesome.

happy weekend!

image via militaryboots

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Stephanie said...

thank you for this reminder.