i. like. big (buns) and i can not lie

last night i took a shower and was too lazy to dry my hair, so i pulled it up wet and went to bed. bad idea. this morning, despite a valiant attempt with a blow dryer and straightener, my hair looked quite awful. running short on time, i decided to go for a high bun, and i have to say i'm pretty happy with the result. aside from the inevitable scalp-ache i'll have this evening, it looks pulled together and like i put forth more effort than i actually did. i generally prefer to wear my hair down, but i'm pretty happy buns are trendy right now so i can use them as my fall-back plan for those mornings when styling just seems like far too much work.

while high-buns are new for me (minus all those ballet performances, that is), i'm no stranger to the low side-bun. it's a lifesaver.

the messy bun is going to take a little practice. i love the look, i just seem to come off looking disheveled. 

images: 1.yourbellaperla.tumblr 2.prettystuff.tumblr 3.highipgingin.com 4.wehearthair.com


The Cat Hag said...

Love the last two buns, they look so awesomely carefree yet elegant at the same time. :)

The Cat Hag

April said...

Can I just say how much I LOVE the messy bun? My hair is pretty fine, so the messy bun for me looks even better on day-old unwashed hair. OH, and add some dry shampoo spray...so cute for summer!