tiny boxwoods

hi, remember me? i've been missing my blog lately! i'm banking on the fact that you've missed me too. or at least i hope you have...
a few weeks ago while visiting aaron and gracie in houston, we had breakfast on our last morning at this fantastic place called tiny boxwoods - a restaurant and nursery that, hence the name, sells tiny boxwoods among other beautiful plants, flowers and trees. gracie's employer loves it and i'm so glad she suggested it, because it was a wonderful place to spend a muggy tuesday morning. i'm a big fan of breakfast food and a big fan of unique breakfast places (if you've been reading my blog, you certainly know this by now), so this place was a hit. besides being a gorgeous place to drink some coffee and do the crossword, the staff cooks in a true wood burning oven, lattes are served in giant bowls with handles, there are free chocolate chip cookies at the order counter (even at 9am) and everything on the menu was fresh, delicious and a little pretentious (in a good way). i say a little pretentiousness never hurt anyone.

our cozy table

my breakfast, which featured the most delicious homemade honey butter and cherry preserves

aaron and gracie, tackling the crossword

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