a (very!) necessary little luxury

there's something about stationary and greeting cards that makes me keep buying. i have a drawer-full but i love old-fashioned mail so much i'm consistently drawn to the stationary aisles everywhere! we open the mailbox enough to find bills, junk mail, and lately more political propoganda, why shouldn't we make an effort to brighten someone's daily trip to the post office/mailbox with a perfectly timed, beautiful expression of love and friendship?
as i tend to be somewhat of a snob about original artwork, i love homemade cards most of all and despite my poor attempts to make some myself, i think i should leave it to the professionals. no one does it better than my wonderful friend lacey, who makes and sells her quirky cards at swank, a delightful coffee shop in her town that celebrates and represents local artists with a large handmade market.

i suppose it's a good thing i don't make cards this beautiful because i wouldn't be able to give them away! (the ones i've been given are in a special place waiting to be framed and displayed in my future apartment!) wouldn't you love to open your mailbox to one of these beauties!?
p.s. for more handmade lovelies, check out the paper skyscraper on east boulevard in charlotte. they have the most original paper selection i've found in this city!
p.p.s. why don't you send someone a letter tomorrow?


Blair said...

i love these cards!
does she have an etsy site?

chelsea said...

i keep telling her she needs to get one! i would certainly keep her in business. bug her about it, will you!?