the cottage!

i have finally managed to upload some pictures of the cottage! unfortunately, my own computer has broken and so uploading photos is a little more of a hassle than usual. sorry for the delay!
anyways, i am so excited to move in to this sweet little place! i've been working hard on it since monday spackling holes (there were like a million), sanding walls (they were horrible), and cleaning the place from top to bottom. which included scrubbing down almost everything with my favorite cleaning product in the world - soft scrub. tomorrow i will start painting (with my dad, who is much better at it than i) and i can't wait to see the difference a little color will make! so without further ado...

welcome to my living room! i'm wishing now that i had taken a better photo of this room. it's actually a nice size with two very lovely windows. this picture was taken from the front door. there is another window on the left wall (next to the door) and the kitchen doorway is to the right, just out of the picture. straight ahead after walking through the front door (to the right of the kitchen entrance) is a great open wall that will be filled with this huge gorgeous solid wood bookshelf that i bought from the habitat restore today. (habitat employees get 10% off!) i'm painting this room a warm ivory color called baked brie

you may have noticed this in the above picture, but this is a built-in telephone shelf. i love it! ...but i need a creative idea for it! 

this is the bathroom, which is located off my bedroom. i have since removed the ugly purple shower curtain and stick-on yellow flowers in the floor of the shower. (ew) the hot water heater is behind the cute door (boo for no closet) and the toilet is to the left of the sink. there is enough room on the opposite right wall for a cool dresser, which will make up for the lack of closet space. i plan on skirting the sink so i don't have to look at ugly pipes (and for even more storage). 

this is the only closet in the entire place. thankfully, it is deep (but narrow). while it is super ugly right now, i have big plans for it that will maximize space and make it a little more acceptable. i bought a nice sauder bookshelf off craig's list for $25 (it's really big) which will go in the back left corner and will build more shelves on the opposite right side. a shoe organizer will go on the right as well, and i will have two levels on which to hang clothes.

this is my bedroom! the closet and bathroom doors are on the back wall in this photo and the door to the living room is on the right. 

and seriously, how cool are these built in pegs behind the front door? this tiny little house was actually used as part of a private school in town (that is still in existence!) back in the day and the pegs behind the door and in my bedroom (see above) were used during that time. isn't that a fun story? little quirks like this are why i love old houses. 

heeey kitchen! this will need some work... the floors are really nice, but there's not too much storage space. the countertops and backsplash are really lovely, but as you can tell the cupboard doors need another coat or two of polyurethane. i plan on painting the kitchen a super-light shade of peachy pink called la minaret. the wall on the far right here juts out a little and i'm going to put open shelving on it for my pretty dishes and glassware. i also plan on painting just the face of that wall a darker shade of peachy pink. the space under the counter on the left will be the appliance garage, and i'll put a skirt there on a spring rod. the door to the backyard is on the left, and to the left of that (across from the jutty wall), there is a cute little window which will get a cafe curtain and a free standing butchers cart or something of that nature to give me more counter space. 

the other end of the kitchen. bright and cheery!

another pic of the other end of the kitchen. the window in this pic is the one you see on the left in the above one. the fridge has now been moved to that left wall. my favorite thing about the kitchen is its bright-ness, which was somehow lost in this photograph. 

annnd presenting the best best part of the cottage - the backyard! it's so pretty (better in person than in this picture) and I even have a my own bench and swing. More pictures to come once I get everything raked and cleared!

this is my little garden. it's full of weeds at the moment, but will be full of herbs or lavender once i'm through with it!

don't you wish you could live here? i feel so lucky! i just can't wait to get moved in and settled! more to come as i get things in and organized!

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