thrifty treasures

so lately i've been frequenting all the local goodwills/thrift stores to find fun, inexpensive, unique things with which to fill the cottage. besides being a little embarrassed that the staff people practically know me by name, i've found some really great things that i just had to brag about. starting with the globe above. i love globes and always have - and this one is pre 1950 (there are random countries that don't even exist anymore), in excellent condition, and only cost me $12! 

this mirror is going in my bathroom. it's not old but its french and i love love it!

laundry by shelli segal skirt. i'm obsessed with it. it will be coming with me in my suitcase on the cruise!

this envelope bag was $1. it's bigger than it looks in the picture and doubles as a clutch with the chain tucked in. love it.

over-the-knee suede colin stuart boots in near-perfect condition. i'm counting down the days until i can wear these babies.

this doesn't photograph so well, but it's marc jacobs and will also be coming with me on the cruise. i nearly freaked when i pulled this shirt out and saw the label!

this is actually a mirror that i turned into a little tray on my nightstand. it was like $2 and i love it.

annnddd i've saved the best for last! i am completely obsessed with these suitcases! they're perfect and cost $7 for both!! they are also excellent storage in my tiny tiny cottage with only one closet!

so for all those times you go to the thrift store and there's nothing but crap, don't be discouraged! there are tons of great things out there, you just have to be persistent! i don't plan on stopping any time soon, so i'm sure there'll be more to come!

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