kings of spring - a post by lacey

my all-time favorite etsy shop, royalbuffet, inspired me to make these bird kings. i love royal buffet's paper bird kings with the wire feet. actually, i love ALL their paper crafts; their banners look so elegant and pretty, i want to string them everywhere!

mollie is the lady behind the scenes of royalbuffet, and she's based in greenville, sc. a local! (sort of.) a carolinian! you can find out more about her and royalbuffet at www.molliegreene.com. if you try to google "royalbuffet.com" you'll find yourself directed to a site advertising a chinese buffet restaurant that serves "over 100 items daily". not exactly the royal buffet you're wanting unless you're into red teriyaki beef on a stick and sweet puffy rolls. which sometimes i am very much into.

until next week,

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