beautiful branches

as i've mentioned before, i love trees/branches in design. here are a few things i've been loving lately...
i'm crazy about this wallpaper!
cherry trees are my favorite part of spring...i love forcing them to bloom inside. i wish they lasted longer!
this is amazing. i think it would look super cool in a nursery.
this room is out of control. in fact, i'm really afraid of whatever is going on on the floor and i never, ever want to sleep under a cow skull. it reminds me of texas and dead things...both of which i don't like to think about in my bedroom. or ever. the bed, however, is so hot. it would need to balanced out with a very minimal room, though... 
...like this! it's like sleeping in a forest. i also think this would be really cool in a kids room.

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lacey said...

HAHAHA. i love your comment about the scary texas desert inspired room. (totally creepy!!)