tarheels - refers to the unc-chapel hill men's basketball team, led by coach roy williams and high scoring senior tyler hansbrough. the team plays in the atlantic coast conference and is known by its mascot, ramsees, and its colors, light blue and white. the tarheels have produced many strong players over the years including billy cunningham, michael jordan, julius peppers, and raymond felton. the tarheels have won the ncaa division I men's basketball tournament four times, and will hopefully add another title to their belt this evening.

usage examples:
1. the tarheels are such a strong team, they deserve a national championship this year.
2. did you see the tarheels beat michigan state last night? what a great game!
3. today i'm wearing tarheel blue to work.

image by jim hawkins for insidecarolina.com, via photobucket.com


Mary said...


Mary said...

also, correction- we've won the championship 5 times

chelsea said...

correction - it's four!