french kiss

since it's spring and love is in the air (or so they say), here's a little french word you should add to your vocabulary...

bisou - pronounced "bee sue" refers to a kiss

instead of the usual monday parlez vous français usage examples (because it's always better to be kissing than to talk about kissing) here is msn's list of top ten places to kiss:

1. on a roller coaster
2. on your desk (after hours, of course!)
3. at a museum (art is sexy, after all)
4. in the middle of a crowded street (like the above photo, "kiss by the hotel de ville" by robert doisneau
5. in a dressing room
6. on a pile of coats (apparently kissing a random stranger at a party is a rite of passage that everyone should experience once)
7. upside down (spidey style)
8. in the back seat
9. in a downpour
10. in bed, while one of you is asleep (there's simply no lovelier way to wake up!)

how many can you check off your list?

image "kiss by the hotel de ville" by robert doisneau via thinkinpictures.wordpress.com

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