the sweet smell of coffee success - a post by lacey

so last week i told you guys that i would be starting my first day at swank coffee shop, and the results of my performance are in-i passed! wipe the sweat from your brow. i trained this past saturday and had about an hour of "ohmygoshicannnotdothis!" and then after that it was pretty smooth. i really had a fun time learning how to measure the ground espresso and make shots, add flavors, steam milk, make blended drinks, and most importantly, make the perfect whipped cream mountain on top of the drinks. who knew that over a year ago when i walked into swank for the first time, i'd end up working behind the counter?

the owners obviously think i can do it because they asked if i could work this coming saturday all day by myself! it's kind of flattering and kind of scary that they have that much confidence in me! i know there are still many things i will have to learn, but i'm excited for this new opportunity. 

have a great week/weekend! go drink some coffee! 


image via swindon.gov.uk

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