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happy thursday! i hope this week has been treating you well. i've been having a great week. i think the reason the past few days have been so good is the fact that i got to visit my close girlfriends this past weekend (one of them being the fabulous chelsea.) we had such a good time hanging out, wining and dining, yard saling, coffee drinking, and kitty shopping. (isn't liam the sweetest?! geez. and i'm not even a big cat person.) you know how life sometimes gives you bundles of little happy moments to encourage you and tell you that you're awesome? well, that happened to me this past weekend, and i am so grateful for that. the gorgeous weather hasn't hurt my mood either.

anyways, on to my other exciting news. as some of you may know, i sell my handmade cards and stationary at a sweet coffee shop in my downtown called SWANK. about a month ago, the owners asked me if i would be interested in working a few saturdays here and there to cover for them when they'd be out of town. ummmm, lemme think about this long and hard...YES YES YES! i've always wanted to work in a coffee shop and be one of those cool baristas who can make an americano one minute and an iced mocha the next and not give it a second thought. now's my chance! this saturday is my first training day and, of course, it also happens to be our town's big spring fling called springfest. the entire downtown is blocked off for a big bike race, food vendors, arts and crafts tables, kids events, etc. while i am a bit nervous about starting on such a busy day, i think it may be the best thing for me. i'll just have to jump in and swim frantically to keep afloat! keep me in your thoughts on saturday, and if you treat yourself to a cappuccino at your local coffee house, remember to be extra kind to the barista (and leaving a hefty tip wouldn't hurt either!) have a great rest of your week!

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