people get really freaked out by abstract art. sometimes, i do, too. but as a whole, i think it's cool that some people see the world so differently than i. i think art is very personal and subjective - what is completely meaningful to me, may not be to someone else and vice-versa. when it comes to all forms of art, i try to appreciate it for the work, not the name or the price or the fancy museum/performance hall. i like weird things and i like traditional things, but mostly i like art that highlights the beauty of simplicity and nature. i think everyone has an artistic side, as art is merely a form of expression, and i think it's cool that there are so many forms of art/self expression that everyone can create and understand. 

that being said, my brother is an incredible artist. i find art and beauty in the things around me, but i'm often very intrigued at the way he sees the world. it's something that can't really be taught or learned - his perception of things is so unique, and i love that about him. that's why i'm totally pumped about this new project that he and his equally talented roommate are working on for their fifth year independent study toward their bachelor of architecture. they are exploring "the intersection of abstract art and domesticity" and have developed a way to showcase this in a gallery, centered in their apartment in charlotte, nc. there will be five installments, focusing on each of the five senses in the upcoming semester. i could try to explain their reasoning for this, but they do a much better job on their website, which i would encourage you to read. first up: experiencing sight. i have yet to see it, but they have set up this giant pegboard box thing in their living room in collaboration with artist and uncc masters student chris campbell's solo project "bisects and constructs". i'm not totally understanding how it's all going to come together yet, but usually aaron's art is abstract enough to be cool, but not so abstract i can't follow, so i'm assuming i'll understand better at their opening on friday. check out their facebook page and website and then you can be jealous that your brother isn't this creative and cool. 

and if you want to join on friday, i'd highly encourage it. here are some teaser photos below of chris constructing the exhibit. the above photo is from the outside of 9700f, looking in at the exhibition. 

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