celebrate fall!

happy first day of fall! while fall in my book starts after labor day, today it's finally official. so why don't you...
...buy a pumpkin (or eight) and put them on your front stoop, around your house, etc. they're cheap and happy. spring for it!

...wear a scarf. even if its not cold yet - layer them on for the sheer purpose of fashion. i've missed mine all spring/summer.

...buy a starbucks pumpkin spice latte (or whatever you fancy) and drink it out of a mug in the store. much happier than drinking one on the go, if you ask me.

...open the windows and enjoy the crisp air!

images: 1.weheartit.com 2-5. flickr.com

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{better than candy} said...

sooooooooooo cozy!