a little bit of fall

so happy first day of september! as far as i'm concerned, summer is officially over after monday (labor day) so i would encourage you to pull all of your eyelet, seersucker and linen clothing out of the closet and make an effort to give it one more wear before it's labeled as "out of season". (don't be that girl/guy - the one that wears clothing that is hideously out of season just because the weather permits it. not okay.) 
i went to the bradford store on saturday morning (if you haven't been you definitely should go - the produce is local, fresh, delicious, and dirt cheap. and there's always free samples.) to pick up some produce and was greeted with this amazingly adorable blue pickup filled with PUMPKINS! i was so excited i could barely contain myself. please forgive the terrible phone picture and just enjoy knowing wonderful fall is on its way! 

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