i love max - a post by lacey

oh-m-gee. new favorite photographer alert. his name is max wanger, and he's just grand. at least his photography is. i don't know anything about his personality. he could hate babies for all i know.
i was browsing abby goes design scouting when i scrolled upon a photograph by mr. wanger. a beautiful photograph with a cute couple and a pink balloon. that's the moment i decided that THIS man would take my future wedding photos. or at least one because i'm pretty sure i can't afford a whole photography session with him.

start swooning...
this lovely lady from the first balloon photo is wearing a very cool outfit (i will be copying) and is the writer and blogger joanna goddard (i will be reading).

mmm...what pretty hazy colors

so happy together

loving the side flower. big fan of this although it never seems to work when i try to do it.

check out his professional site here: http://www.maxwanger.com/

until next week, lacey

all photos by max wanger

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