happy day

today has been a fabulous day. aside from this gloriously crisp weather we've been having, four things have made this an exceptional wednesday:

my new jcrew catalog. every page made me giddier than the last. i love fall clothes because with them, again, comes the opportunity to layer (a look that i love). and nobody layers as well as the jcrew stylists. aside from coveting everything in here (aside from the hideous chambray shirt this model is wearing) i always get new ideas on how to be creative with the pieces i already have.

my new curtain fabric. i've been waiting to post about my house until i had some curtains up and after months (literally) of deliberating, this fabric will cover my living room windows (once they're custom-made by my awesome seamstress mom). what's more, i got the most incredible deal! the fabric was already reduced and then had an additional sale of 52% off. hello. i've been terribly indecisive about curtain selection, but i am 100% happy with this. more to come once the drapes are hanging...

free lunch at my favorite local place with my boss and delicious japanese take-out with my parents. YUM. (you can just roll me to bed tonight, thanks.)

figuring out how to hook up the bluetooth on my new smartphone and send images between my phone and my mac. it's the easiest, most fabulous thing ever. almost as fabulous as the olsens. and no, i'm not being sarcastic. i think they're so cool.

images via 1.audreyhepburncomplex.com 4.janchipchase.com 5. the lovely bones.tumblr.com

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