do you really expect me to wear that? - a post by lacey

i love clothes. i love shopping. i love outfits. what i don't love: fashion spreads in magazines featuring models wearing insane and unrealistic clothes. a dress made entirely of neon yellow saran wrap? really? oh, and paired with shoes in the shape of elephants. now i get it. um, NO. do people really get excited about that? here's what i look for: magazine articles or web sites that feature REAL people in REAL clothing. i love the "street style" (my words. i don't know what it's really called.) features in lucky magazine. they set up a rack of clothing, shoes and accessories and stop ladies on the street to come up with an outfit and model it. the ideas they come up with are so creative. two women will wear the same floral skirt in two totally different ways. i love that! a web site that shares this same idea is urbanweeds.blogspot.com. each post features a man or woman who have been stopped on the street because of their duds. i'm not in love with every outfit, but it gives me great ideas for ways i can turn my old wardrobe into one that is new and creative. my fave post on urbanweeds is this cutie. i want her bike:

the thesartorialist.blogspot.com is another web site with the same idea as urbanweeds. it's a very well-known fashion blog, and while i had visited the web site before, i didn't know much about it. i decided to wikipedia (yep. used that as a verb) the person behind the blog. scott schuman started the blog in 2005 after he left his job in fashion sales (four years and running! go scott!) living in new york city and seeing creative and inspiring outfits on a daily basis, he started carrying his camera around with him and capturing the looks on film. what started as something small has now grown into a very popular web site and book. the sartorialist came out in july 2009. it looks super delicious. maybe i can afford a used paperback version? here is a fave image from his site:

ok. i pretty much think he's cute.

take some time to explore these sites (and many others with the same idea) and get inspired! and remember: just say NO to neon pink and yellow polka dot leggings.

until next week, lacey

images: 1.nymagazine.com 2.urbanweeds.blogspot.com 3.thesartorialist.blogspot.com

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