if the shoe fits...

i'm pretty picky about shoes. but this boot is no doubt the most perfect boot i think ever. it's the perfect color, the perfect amount of shininess, the toe curvature is perfect, the heel height is perfect, the sole is perfect, all the way down to the cute little button on top, these are perfect. it's almost as if i designed for myself. and since they're from lands' end (women's medium fit riding boot), i don't have to worry about them falling apart the second time i wear them. i feel like the quality of boots i've bought (even name brand ones) has been poor lately (either that or i mistreat my footwear) so not only are they pretty, but lands' end and quality go hand-in-hand. i would wear these boots to church, to the office, out to dinner and to the farmer's market (and everywhere in between), and not be afraid to get them a little dirty. they look like the kind of boots that would look that much better with a little wear.
the only problem? they're $350. which, I might maybe even be willing to save up and pay for an amazing wear-them-every-day pair of boots, but they're a little (okay, a lot. a way lot) outside of my price range as a non-profit employee. 
but maybe you can afford them and wear them everyday and send me pictures so i can live vicariously through you? sounds good, then.

(sorry about the tiny picture - it's the best i could get - does anyone in blogland know how to use images online that only save as blank GIF files? i've tried everything in the book, but can't transfer the image correctly! go here and see the actual image!)

image via lands' end


Blair said...

i need these boots
hmmmmm, i'm wondering if josh would notice if i started moving money out of the household items/grocery budget to buy these?

chelsea said...

We do wear the same size - We could go in together and then share custody.
Haha. I don't see that working. And even HALF the price of these boots is more than I can spend! Boo!