anthro spring fever

i love how the retail world embraces each new season so enthusiastically and so exceptionally early. it gives us consumers stuck in the dry-skin-dry-hair-dry-fashion-spell dead of winter something to look forward to. and you know what else i look forward to? the onset of each season brings anthro designers new inspiration and each store is ripe with gorgeously clever why-didn't-i-think-of-that? window and store displays. and anthropologie spring 2011 windows are no exception. i personally love the way their designers consistently repurpose everyday items in to something beautiful. how very creative and how very green of them. it's a good way to look at life - finding beauty in the simplest things. here's what anthro has to say about their spring looks:

"inspired by the most commonplace household items, our visual teams nimbly stitched, draped, cut and dyed every inch of these abstract fashion panoramas. made of clothespins, hangers and construction materials, each avant-garde silhouette and woody blossom explores the spaces between art, craft, design and fashion."

georgetown, dc store (see image at the top of post as well) - quite possibly the best and most creative anthro store i've ever visited. this looks very queen victoria to me. and i bet if you told queen victoria that she would look cool in clothespins, she would have had you beheaded. 

in charlotte, zippers can be cool, too, apparently.

i think i may steal this idea and get crafty with a zipper to make a big pin. we'll see how that goes...

in marleton, nj, they've really got the hang of things. get it? i crack myself up. 

my future children (maybe?) will never wear anthropologie clothing because i refuse to let them drool and spill kool-aid on them. (or whatever you're supposed to feed kids?) however, the tiny little clothes - like that little tiered skirt - are really sweet to look at. 

more clothespins in skokie, il. this reminds me of the scene in cinderella when the birds and mice make her ball gown. there's a part when the birds fly around and lift up all the layers of skirt fabric and it looks just like this. 

it's like a rainbow. except the gold at the end is very very stylish and expensive. 

all images via anthropologie

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