suit up

since i'm hopefully going to have job interviews in the very near future, i'm in the market for a fresh new suit. my current one has seen better days. being 5'10", i've decided that the fashion world discriminates against tall people when it comes to suiting. banana, ann taylor, and jcrew seem to be some of the only places offering tall suit options. after a looottttt of shopping, i've decided banana republic's basic black suit is the one i'll be purchasing. but then they introduced this snazzy three-piece one the other day. how much do i want this? a lot. isn't it gorgeous?
i kind of love the whole office-chic look and i miss getting dressed for work in the morning. i'm excited to wear my new zenni glasses, grab my new kenneth cole laptop bag (purchased on super sale for only $35!!) and re-embrace the world of early mornings, conference calls, and lunch meetings. while we're at it, here's some other work-wear inspiration...

i want this whole outfit. i also want to roll in to work looking this effortless. 

if my boss looked like tom welling, i'd never, ever be late to work. 

this dress is like jackie o in the coolest color possible. 

i am stalking this top at loft. as soon as it stops being $49.50, i'll be buying it. 

sexy but practical. 

you know that fashion rule where you shouldn't buy something unless you can think of at least three ways to wear it? i can think of about 17 for this one. including tucked in to my high-waisted pinstripe wide-leg trousers. 

possibly the sweetest pencil skirt ever created.

the look i was going for with my zenni's. so cute. 

i really appreciate that all this super cute girl seems to need for work is a clutch. i don't really see how this is possible, but it's a nice thought. i'm pretty obsessed with this entire look and need to find an oversized slouchy blouse. 

i love this pant length. excellent for tall people that still like to wear heels. (me.)

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Mary said...

MEH! Wish I had a job where cuteness mattered :)